Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Just a Little Trot Fence

In Laura Szeremi’s William Fox-Pitt show jumping clinic report from last week, one of William’s quotes jumped out at me:

“With event horses, at most you jump once a week, so sometimes I like for a session to just jump from the walk, one session I will only jump from trot, maybe for another session I’ll just trot a few skinnies. You shouldn’t always do course work, you shouldn’t always canter fences. Trotting and walking fences is important for horses to learn to sort it out. We don’t like trotting fences because invariably when it goes wrong or we fall off it was from trot.”

Photo courtesy of Laura Szeremi.

Photo courtesy of Laura Szeremi.

Um, yep. But do go on, William:

“But trotting fences forces the horses to figure it out and if they kneel on a small oxer from trot they learn something. If they kneel on a 4-foot oxer at a show they don’t learn from that.”

And then today, I saw this video (of unknown origin — if anyone has the 411 please fill us in!) being passed around on YouTube:

Posted by Sang Wuk Song on Thursday, January 21, 2010


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