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Bonner Carpenter and Acapulco Jazz at Rolex Kentucky.

We’re terribly sorry to report the passing of Bonner Carpenter’s amazing four star Mexican Quarter Horse, Acapulco Jazz. He took Bonner around Kentucky in both 2008 and 2009, and was a fan favorite throughout his career.

From Bonner: “Yesterday I kissed his nose for the last time and said goodbye. My little Mexican jumping bean gave me more than i could have ever asked for and defied odds and surpassed every expectation. At 15.3 on a good day, my Mexican Quarter horse jumped an inexperienced 19 year old girl around Rolex Kentucky like it was nothing 2 years in a row. Jazz had a heart of gold and helped me fall in love with Eventing. He taught me everything I needed to know and tested me in every way to make me a better rider. There will never be another horse like him nor will another horse ever be able to replace him. Thank you for all the memories.”

National Holiday: National Chocolate Candy Day

News From Around the Globe:

Andrew Nicholson is to take up the mantle of specialist cross country coach for Switzerland in the lead up to the 2019 European Championships in Luhmühlen and hopefully help them secure a team berth for Tokyo 2020. Nine Swiss combinations are already qualified for the 2019 European Championships and their goal is to qualify a team for Tokyo with the help of the cross country master. Andrew, who has competed at six Olympic Games for New Zealand, will travel to Switzerland for several elite and junior squad training sessions and then accompany elite riders to selected events during the coming season. [Andrew Nicholson’s New Job]

‘Tis the season to enjoy the top 10 moments in publication from our long adventure that was 2018. EN has been rounding up videos and articles all month, but COTH made your life easy and put all top 10 into one post. Where else will you find a dressage-ing Shire, a show jumping Standardbred, and the best blogs shared this year in one place? [COTH Top Ten 2018]

The Irish Draught horse is one of our favorites in eventing. Why is is that we love this breed so much? The Irish Draught horse originated in 18th century Ireland, when Irish farmers could only afford to keep a single horse on a small tract of land. They required an animal sturdy enough to pull a plough, athletic and bold enough to go foxhunting and jump anything, and sensible, but flashy enough to pull the family trap to church on Sunday. Now they’re one of our leading sport horse breeds! [Sturdy Yet Athletic: The Irish Draught]