Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: A Challenging Year for Equine Welfare

While you and I have roofs over our heads and food on the table, and our own horses are loved well-looked after, we must never lose sight of those less fortunate — of both the human and horse variety. We are thankful for organizations like World Horse Welfare, which is dedicated to improving the lives of horses in both its UK home base and around the world through education, campaigning and hands-on care.

In this video, World Horse Welfare looks back on 2018. From extreme weather conditions and natural disasters to stretched-thin resources and governments in flux, it has been a challenging time for equine welfare around the world. But positive changes are still being made, including re-homed horses and new legislation in support of our equine populations.

“We live in changing times and an ever-changing climate both politically and environmentally, and the need for world horse welfare increases every year,” says Roly Owers, Chief Executive of World Horse Welfare. “We can only do what we do with your support, and together we really area making a profound difference for thousands of horse, ponies, donkeys and mules around the world.”

There are many ways to show your support: donating, adding your voice to equine welfare campaigns, reporting welfare concerns, rehoming a horse and much more.

Think globally, act locally, and Go Eventing.


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