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A very good model boy. Photo by Kate Samuels.

In my life, I take a lot of photos of horses, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. First, the key is to take a lot and weed out the best ones. Second, there are some horses that are good at modeling, and some that just straight up suck at it, no matter what you try. If it was possible to teach horses to do the ears-pricked-faraway-glance pose, I would be so very happy. In the meanwhile, enjoy this photo of a recent natural model I found.

National Holiday: National Dumpling Day

Major Weekend Events:

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News From Around the Globe:

As the Retired Racehorse Project competition begins next week, they’re debuting a new intake exam. In keeping with the organization’s goal to better serve the Thoroughbred and continue to educate the owners, trainers and farms who seek to help transition these horses to second careers, the Retired Racehorse Project’s new arrival exam at the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover emphasizes soundness, body condition and microchipping. “The aim of the arrival exam is to not only verify each horse’s identity and ensure he or she is healthy and sound for competition, but to also set the standard of horsemanship associated with off-track Thoroughbreds,” said RRP executive director Jen Roytz. [RRP Debuts New Standards for Care]

Speaking of ex-racehorses, lets bust some myths about retraining them. If you’ve ever had some preconceptions about the thoroughbred breed, or horses with a previous racing career, you simply haven’t ridden enough of them! If any breed has variety, it’s the Thoroughbred. [Myth Busting Common Misconceptions About Thoroughbreds]

A miraculous story proves that a broken leg doesn’t always mean the end for a competition horse. Last year during a jump-off in Aachen, Yuri Mansur and Vitiki suffered a horrific fall, and the horse was taken off the premises in an ambulance. It was revealed that he had broken a front pastern, but went quickly into surgery and a cast. Now, after a year, the pair have returned to competition feeling better than ever. [Olympic Dream for Horse with Broken Leg]

Did you catch the THIS stadium jump at Plantation Fields this past weekend? Taylor Harris Insurance loves supporting Eventing and our great sport, and wants to see more of you join the THIS Eventing Team, and find out why riders at the top level prefer working with THIS. [Request a Quote Today]