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All I can say is WOW after an amazing weekend at the Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge HT. Claire and Lacey were in a huge (24 competitors) Open BN division loaded with professionals and AAs. She was there without her Coach and handled the whole event like a pro. Claire & Lacey ended up in 3rd PLACE finishing on their personal best dressage score of 28.5. Not bad for a 10-year old I think. 🎉😀 (their team went with a bee costume theme as you can see – 2 riders were bees and 2 riders were beekeepers! The team finished 2nd out of 25 teams!) PC: Xpress Foto and Anne Peters #eventer #eventerkid #eventing #useaareaiv #areaivyoungrider #areaiv #AQHA #Missionvalleyponyclub #ponyclubber #eventersofinstagram #goeventing #quarterhorse #unicornrider #JWE #mdcstirrups

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Um, why did nobody tell me that we could have team costumes on cross country? Is there an adult version of this because Virginia H.T. is next weekend and it’s technically on Halloween and I definitely think this should be a thing. Let me know if you find somebody who can make this happen.

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Ponying is my personal favorite hack for wintertime daylight efficiency. Of course, there is some training and skill that go into being able to ride one horse while leading the other, and certainly some horses excel at it more than others. Do you have what it takes to be the master of two at once? [Ponying: How and Why and When]

Dramatic and sensitive horses are a pain in the butt, but at least they communicate openly when they’re in pain. Stoic horses are much easier to deal with on a regular basis, but the trick is that they’re quite difficult to diagnose sometimes, and they will wait until discomfort has reached an unbelievable level before letting you know. The key is knowing their regular behavior and noting any small changes and responding to them before it becomes dire. [Recognizing Pain in Stoic Horses]

Go for a lesson on a young horse, and have a good time, right? Lauren Sprieser thought that was what her Monday would entail, but after shipping down to Charlottesville to visit Ali Brock, her horse spooked at the walk upon the first few minutes of riding, and her hand smacked the pommel and she broke it. Don’t’ worry, she still had her lesson, and afterward they packed her off to the ER, and we have well trained staff in our Charlottesville ER for horse people injuries. [I Had This Plan]

Has everyone seen this amazing video of these two amazing ladies and their pas-de-deux on ex-eventers?