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Vacation was a mistake. Photo by Kate Samuels

Next year, when November rolls around and I think I’ll do the cool thing and give my horse a vacation….somebody slap me. It’s the right thing to do, right? Give your young horse a vacation after a year of work? Just for like, a month, nothing crazy. Terrible idea. No more vacations.

National Holiday: Gingerbread House Day

Weekend Preview: Don’t miss the USEA Annual Meeting & Convention, happening Friday through Sunday in Boston, Massachusetts. For those who are unable to attend, don’t forget to tune in to the live stream that is generously being offered once again. #USEAConvention: USEA Convention PageScheduleProgramLive Stream, USEA’s Coverage, EN’s Coverage

News From Around the Globe: 

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Feeding your horse properly in the winter has to be an entirely different set of skills. Some horses get fat, some get thin, some go crazy with extra time in the stall, some have to be fed more but not enough to get hot. Figure out the magical nutrition recipe within. [6 Expert Tips For Feeding Horses in the Winter]