Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Winter Feelings from Pontus Hugosson

Ah, winter. A season for sipping hot chocolate while cozying up near a fireplace and reading a good book, right? Not if you’re a horse person. If you are blessed enough to have equines in your care, winter is the season of bundling up in so many layers that you can hardly move, yet your fingers are still so cold that they actually hurt, in order to get out the door and take care of those horses of yours. Swedish event rider and … personality, I guess you’d call him … Pontus Hugosson nails what winter as an equestrian is like in his latest sketch.

We don’t know too much about Pontus, mostly just that he seems to only ride grey horses, wears ski goggles during the cross country phase, and creates some pretty hilarious and often relatable sketches on his Instagram page featuring his blonde-wigged character “Bettan.” Thanks for bringing us some extra insanity in the middle, Pontus.

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