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Good finds on a hack. Photo by Kate Samuels.

This time is awful and hard and stressful in so many ways, and the way I survive is trying to get the most satisfaction out of the little things. The spring weather is absolutely brilliant, my horses are fat and happy on new grass, and I get to do a lot of hacking through the woods and fields, which everyone enjoys. And sometimes I find half a deer skull, which I take home and my dog really enjoys that as a chew toy!

National Holiday:¬†National Unicorn Dayūü¶Ą

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Best of Blogs: Now Is The Time For Horse People To Take Care Of Each Other

When eventers can’t compete, they get creative.¬†Enter, the virtual CCI5* three day event. The entrants will video and ride their dressage tests, which will be streamed and judged live, and then the show jumping and cross country phases will be completed by the riders … on foot. Don’t worry, the trot-ups will also be included, and the whole thing is a charity event for the COVID-19 related NHS fund. [Top Riders Gear Up for Virtual Event]

Bored?¬†See if you’re smarter than a 12-year-old Pony Club C+ rider. Take this quiz on your knowledge, and hope you get it right! [Pass your Pony Club Rating]

What does the equestrian life look like during this pandemic? We’ve examined what this means for businesses, what it means for boarding barns/boarders and what it means for those who school and lease horses. But what are the implications of COVID-19 for those of us who own our horses, keep them on our own properties and are their primary caretakers? Send us your personal experiences and thoughts for this glimpse into the world today. [Horse Nation Wants Your Feedback]

Alex Titan, a brazilian Physical Education master degree student, needs our help. His research is about emotional development through equestrian practice, and your response to his survey could provide valuable information. Here are the links: [Brazil] [English] [Spanish] [French] [Portuguese] [Italian]

What we’re watching: A new episode of The Jon & Rick Show airs today at 6 p.m. EST, featuring special guest Dr. Mark Hart and¬† more. [Watch]

And! A new Athletux Instagram Live Q&A session featuring Liz Halliday-Sharp. The topic: “Finding the Perfect Bit For Your Horse.” Tune in at 12 PST/3 PM EST on Liz’s Instagram @lizhallidaysharp. [Watch]

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