Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Bird lady. Photo courtesy of Laine Ashker.

We’re all finding ways to amuse ourselves during this strange time, and Laine Ashker has adopted some baby birds that fell from the ceiling of her indoor, and tamed them. Anybody else tamed some unexpected pets?

National Holiday: National Buttermilk Biscuit Day

News From Around the Globe:

With lots of horses having unexpected time off this spring, it’s a good time to examine your fitness program. Bringing a horse back into work properly so that they’re strong enough and ready for the next step is incredibly important to their health and soundness. [Equine Fitness Plan]

Just spend a little time on your Thursday looking back at Paulank Brockagh. We will all miss the hardy and incredible Brocks with her constant companion, Sam Griffiths. From winning Badminton in 2014 from 25th place after dressage when the cross country was absolutely horrendous, to completing countless CCI5* events, Brocks has earned her retirement in spades. [Remembering Brocks in 19 Photos]

Poop talk! I just dropped off some poo bags at my vet office yesterday for some fecal tests, are you up on your poop and deworming facts? Spring time and quarantine are the perfect time to get your poop in order. [Poop’s Gettin’ Real]

Inspiration Thursday: Jim Wofford’s Quarantine Guide