Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurances Services (THIS)

Liz Halliday’s Blackie adopted a mini to accompany him on trot sets during the pandemic. Photo from Liz Halliday.

Well, days of the week are becoming challenging at this point, and Virginia is on shelter-in-place orders until June 10th, at which point I don’t really know how well I’ll be doing with time and space in general. I thought about setting the day of the week as part of my morning alarm, but that seemed like what a crazy person would do, so I’m not there. Yet.

National Holiday: National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

News From Around the Globe:

Working a horse at liberty is always a cool thing to watch, but how do you even get started with that? How about literally starting a horse under saddle at liberty? This whole thing sounds crazy and confusing, but then I read DeAnn Sloane’s blog on Horse Nation and everything was cleared up. [Ponying to Prepare for a Liberty Start]

If you’re able to ride, now is the time to work on those niggling details you’ve been neglecting. How about the rein-back? It challenges many a horse and rider, and it doesn’t need to be that complicated. Take a look at the official protocol for riding and teaching rein-back from the German Equestrian Federation. [Backing Up the Right Way]

A question that many horse women are familiar with: how to integrate baby and barn? Sometimes it’s seamless (with the assistance of real family and barn family) and sometimes it doesn’t quite work out the way you imagined, and horses fade into the background. COTH blogger Karen Hopper Usher thought she would raise her baby in the barn, but reality has been different so far. [On Briefly Considering Getting Out of Horses]