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Who jumped it best? Photo courtesy of Sh*tEventersUnite

It’s not even September, and yesterday I body clipped my first horse. Granted, he is Irish, and hasn’t gotten the memo about living in Virginia, so his “summer” coat is basically a fall coat anyway, but it was truly gruesome. Clipping when it’s about 100 degrees outside is less than ideal, and all the itchy hair sticks to you like mad. Blegh!

Don’t forget: the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics are happening now! Dressage officially kicked off on Wednesday, Tokyo time, with the First Horse Inspection, and the competition will open today very early, with Grade II riders leading off. Click here to view the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic schedule and results.

Let’s catch up a bit with the U.S. team. Be sure to give them all a follow and support their efforts this week. Good luck to all!

U.S. Weekend Preview

Five Points H.T. (Raeford, Nc.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Volunteer]

Seneca Valley Pony Club H.T. (Poolesville, Md.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Volunteer]

Shepherd Ranch H.T. (Santa Ynez, Ca.): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times] [Volunteer]

Town Hill Farm H.T. (Lakeville, Ct.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Volunteer]

Major International Events:

Land Rover Blair Castle International H.T. (Atholl, Scotland): [Website] [Schedule] [Entries/Times/Scores]

Millstreet International H.T. (Millstreet, Ireland) : [Website] [Scores]

Wooroloo Bates Saddles International H.T. (Perth, Australia): [Website]

News From Around the Globe:

The USEA introduced the new Modified Trophy, in Remembrance of Ashley Stout. The perpetual trophy will be presented to the Modified Champion at the AEC’s this year, and each year moving forward. Artist Jean Clagett produced a bronze trophy replica of Ashley Stout and her mount Avant Garde that will remain as a perpetual trophy at the USEA headquarters and each year’s AEC Modified Champions will be engraved onto brass plates and mounted on the trophy base. Ashley Stout and her Westphalian gelding Avant Garde both passed away in a tragic cross-country schooling accident in July 2019 when Ashley was just 13 years old. Stout had been a member of the USEA since 2016 and quickly earned success in 2017 when she won the JBN Under 14 division at the AEC, riding her horse at the time Deo Volente, finishing on their dressage score of 19.8. Stout then began riding Avant Garde in the spring of 2018 and the pair had zero cross-country penalties in their 15 USEA starts together. [Ashley Stout Modified Trophy]

Fun jog outfits from Classic Series competitors? Yes please! The classic three-day-event format continues to gain popularity and enthusiasm from riders of all levels, and everyone gets really into their two jog outfits. The USEA picked their favorites from this year already. [Favorite Jog Outfits from Classic Series]

With their newly upgraded safety systems, Stable View is at the top of your list for schooling opportunities. The Boyd Martin ETB Cross Country schooling field and 330 ft. x 230 ft. outdoor arena is open for $100 per horse/day, 7 days a week. There are 30 jumps and 6 fixed assets including a water complex. The obstacles are built by Eric Bull and start at Training level. Rider and Trainers at Training Level and above only.  [Schedule Your Schooling Day]

Martin Fuchs’ Olympic mount Clooney remains in the hospital a week after his pasture accident that ended his sporting career. Fuchs updated everyone on his instagram, saying that Clooney is in a sling due to a fracture of his humorous on his right side, and is getting the best care possible at a hospital in Zurich, with daily visits from both his groom and his owner. We wish you the best on your recovery and retirement, Clooney! [Clooney Recovers in Zurich]

One more week to stock up on your favorite EcoVet fly spray! Take 40% off in their GALLON SALE! Shop now and get stocked up for the rest of the year. Use code ECOGAL40 at checkout and never see a fly again. [EcoVet Sale]

Ian Stark makes his comeback: first FEI trot up in 10 years!

First time in 10 years doing a 3DE trot up!!!! Blair Castle 2021

Posted by Ian Stark on Wednesday, August 25, 2021