Wednesday Videos from Kentucky Performance Products: Relive the Winning Rides from #MARSGMI

Another edition of the MARS Equestrian Great Meadow International is in the rearview, but we’re still reliving the action thanks to the archived live stream on H&C+. Covering an event in real-time is always an incredible experience, but I inevitably find myself revisiting the live stream playback when I get home so I can see everything I missed! You can do so too by clicking here and using (or subscribing to) your H&C+ membership.

Your CCI3*-S and CCI4*-S winners were Caroline Martin with Redfield Dexter and Phillip Dutton with Fernhill Singapore, respectively, and we’ve got their winning cross country rides for you right here! There is always something to learn from watching good cross country riding, so pull up a seat and soak it in:

Caroline Martin and Redfield Dexter – CCI3*-S:

Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Singapore – CCI4*-S:

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