Thursday News & Notes Presented by Stable View

Tarps protecting the arenas! Photo courtesy of Stable View.

Even though you went south to avoid the cold, by now you are likely aware that it will be well below freezing on both Friday and Saturday nights in Aiken! The latest weather information indicates that temperatures will remain this way until approximately 10am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Stable View is covering the two dressage courts at the Outdoor Arena with tarps beginning tomorrow. We believe this might retain heat and prevent some of Friday’s precipitation from accumulating that would otherwise freeze.

With overnight temperatures forecast to be around 23 degrees we cannot be confident regarding what we will find under the tarps on Saturday morning. Please arrive for your Dressage ride on time unless advised by the announcer. Entrance to all Dressage Arenas are via the Pavilion end of the Covered Arena. Stable View will be providing complimentary hand warmers, coffee, and hot chocolate. Hand warmers will be available at Gates 2 and 3. Complimentary coffee and hot chocolate will be available on a table near Ronnie’s food truck from 7am until 10am both Saturday and Sunday.

U.S. Weekend Preview:

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News From Around the Globe:

Any horse person can tell you that there is something more than just animal training between our two species. The fact that horses and humans can communicate neurally without the external mediation of language or equipment is critical to our ability to initiate the cellular dance between brains. Saddles and bridles are used for comfort and safety, but bareback and bridleless competitions prove they aren’t necessary for highly trained brain-to-brain communication. Scientific efforts to communicate with predators such as dogs and apes have often been hobbled by the use of artificial media including human speech, sign language or symbolic lexigram. By contrast, horses allow us to apply a medium of communication that is completely natural to their lives in the wild and in captivity. [Horse-Human Cooperation is a Neurobiological Miracle]

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New year, new horse? The honeymoon with new horses is usually short-lived, though. The reality sets in that your horse is at the beginning of a very big transition and has no idea that you’re their person. To them, you’re just one more new thing in a sometimes overwhelming number of new things. While you’ve already invested goals, aspirations—and sometimes a considerable amount of money—into your relationship with them, as far as they’re concerned, there is no relationship. At least, not yet. [Becoming a New Horse’s “Person”]

Sidnee Milner and My Valentine did not become partners out of sheer coincidence. The pony and rider combination that took home the 2021 SmartPak USEA Pony of the Year award were a product of the thoughtfulness and generosity of family friend and trainer Tawn Edwards. Sidnee was, at the time, a young and inexperienced child rider looking for a partner to teach her the ropes of eventing; My Valentine was a well-seasoned eventing pony who knew the job of advancing young riders well and was looking for her next partner. Over their three-year relationship, the duo have accumulated various ribbons and accolades together with 2021 being the most impressive of their seasons thus far. [My Valentine Steals Hearts]

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