Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Don’t Panic, But the French Took Their Clothes Off Today


Look, I don’t know what to tell you about my decision here. I could have shared some exciting competition footage with you; I could have picked out one of any number of educational training videos so we could all learn something together. There are some inspiring vlogs and rider interviews floating around on the World Wide Web at the moment, and yes, I could have picked any one of them. But when I opened Facebook earlier and nearly dropped by phone in shock because of all the naked chests suddenly on my screen, I knew — after WhatsApping the link directly to several of my nearest and dearest — that there was only one way we could close out this day together. Right now, we all need to just watch France’s best eventers strip off and do…whatever it is they’re doing. Switching from very cold to very hot temperatures, I think, for some reason. But do we need to know the details? Do we need to understand the conversations happening in this big vat of Frenchman soup? No. It is enough, dear reader, to observe and learn to understand the true natures of these men, like it’s a very compelling David Attenborough documentary. What does it say about Karim Laghouag that, in the face of apparently extreme human discomfort, he simply performs a little breathing exercise and then puts his feet up like he’s having a lovely time at a spa? Is the Olympian a master of mind over matter or merely a psychopath in disguise, with no actual nerve-endings and, most likely, a dastardly plan to take over the world up his (currently absent) sleeve?

Watch them. Learn from them. Fear them. Fancy them a little bit? IDK, you do you.

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