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Happy Thursday Eventing Nation! Today marks the official beginning of competition at the 2013 American Eventing Championships! All divisions begin their dressage tests today, and the competition will be fierce. If you missed Sally’s excellent preview post titled“Top 10 Reasons to Get Pumped for AECs” make sure to check it out to find out about all the cool things that will be happening this week. Sally herself will be on site way down yonder in Texas keeping us all up to date on the results!

AEC Links:

[AEC Homepage] [Schedule] [Live Scores]

Events This Weekend:

Jump Start H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

University of New Hampshire [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

The Middleburg H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

Flora Lea Fall H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

News from Around the Globe:

A small but mighty field of dedicated Eventers are gathered to compete at the AEC’s this weekend, in the yearly meeting of champions across the coast. While locating the Championships in Texas didn’t exactly work out the way the USEA envisioned it (equal distance from both coasts means equal participation, right?), there is still a serious competition going on this weekend. The Advanced division alone is pretty intense looking, although I’ll go ahead and say I’m putting my money on Lainey and Al to win. [AEC’s Small but Mighty]

A new Eventing dressage record has been set: a 7.5 was scored at Drumclog Horse Trials in Strathaven, Scotland. Jade Struthers and Broudein Roxanne (Roxy) achieved an eight for their entrance, with the remainder of the movements given scores of nine. Judge Heather Carstairs then awarded their last three movements the perfect 10. “I didn’t know what my score was until the end of the day, when my friend Jo Luton – who eventually won the class on her great dressage of 19.5 – told me my score was obscene!” said Jade. “We also got three 10s for our collectives, for paces, impulsion and rider.” [Ridiculously Absurd Dressage Score in Scotland]

Calling all Area II eventers!! Morven Park needs more volunteers to jump judge at its October 5-6 event. This is a huge event that is the traditional final run before Fair Hill International for many pairs, and most of the East Coast’s top riders have already entered. It is also the Area II Championships! Volunteer and snag a front row seat for the intense competition! [Morven Park]

I’m pretty sure the number one life changing realization I had several years ago was this: Be Aware of Your Elbows. You can think all you want about your hands and your reins and your horse’s mouth, but if you don’t have soft elbows that flow with the motion, you’re just a goner. While this isn’t strictly news, I think it bears repeating: ride with soft elbows and your life will change. [How & Why To Ride with Soft Elbows]

Didn’t get in to Morven at all? Looking for another competition to fill your empty weekend? ESDCTA NJ horse trials is still accepting entries! Not only can you get in until Friday, but they are also running an Adult Team Challenge Competition. You should totally check out this option if you’re looking for an event October 5-6. [NJ Horse Trials]


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