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Why hello fall! (a photo taken from yesterday on a hack)

Happy Thursday, everyone! I feel the fall officially coming on, as the days are getting shorter and my hacks are now populated with the crunching sounds of leaves underfoot. While I do enjoy some cooler weather, and some awesome fall events, I also realize that the “hair factor” largely outweighs these fun things on a daily basis. If you clip your horse, it’s annoying to blanket constantly, and if you don’t its annoying to clean them constantly and worry about disgusting things living under wads of fur. #winterhorsegirlproblems

Events This Weekend:

Morven Park Fall H.T. [Website] [Ride Times]

Roebke’s Run H.T [Website] [Entry Status]

Woodside International H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

ESDCTA New Jersey H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

WindRidge Farm Fall H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

Kent School Fall H.T. [Website]

News from Around the Globe:

Star of the current show, Jock Paget, might be competing at Adelaide CCI4* in November. He will be in town celebrating his 30th birthday, and will definitely be competing in masterclasses in the main arena, but is hoping to do the CCI4* as well. While it’s doubtful that he will bring Clifton Promise or Clifton Lush all the way back there for the event, it’s unknown who he plans to compete as of yet. [Paget Ready to Win Adelaide]

As the government shutdown continues, the BLM is struggling to keep workers caring for the thousands of mustangs held in captivity.  The Bureau of Land Management said the minimum number of employees needed to humanely care for the horses were deemed exempt from the shutdown. Executive director of the wild horse advocacy group, Protect Mustangs, Anne Novak said: “This is a perfect example of why wild horses and burros should be living on the range and why 80 percent of America’s wild horses and burros should not be kept in federally funded facilities.” [Skeleton Crews Caring for Mustangs]

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Alycia Burton, who became famous from her YouTube video with her palomino paint horse jumping without tack of any kind. A local news personality took some time to go and meet Alycia and check out her skills on horseback. Turns out, Alycia is trying to break a Guinness world record for jumping a full course of jumps at 2 meters without tack of ANY KIND. That’s badass. [No Saddle, No Bridle, No Problem]

If you aren’t already familiar with Horses Inside Out, now is the time to have a good look. Founder Gillian Higgins, a Sports Remedial Therapist, Equine Therapist and anatomist, started giving lectures about horse biomechanics and anatomy, when she realized she kept getting the same questions from her clients about their horses’ bodies. So these skeleton, muscle and tendon paintings proved to be an entertaining and memorable way to teach riders and trainers about a horse’s anatomy. [Horses Inside Out Are Both Cool and Creepy]

Speaking of the “hairy factor”, isn’t about time you get to indulge in some blanket shopping? Here’s a cool deal: between now and November 26th, you get to trade in your clean used turnout blanket and get $50 off a new turnout blanket from SmartPak. How sweet is that? My favorite is the Rambo Wug, and knock on wood I’ve had mine for about 6 years and it’s still going strong. [SmartPak Blanket Deals]


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