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TBT to Fair Hill Advanced in 2012....calming of the beast after dressage! Photo by Addie French.

TBT to Fair Hill Advanced in 2012….calming of the beast after dressage! Photo by Addie French.

Happy Thursday, Eventing Nation! So far this week I haven’t woken up past five in the morning, which means I may or may not be a little delirious when I write things at night for your entertainment. Fair warning, friendly readers, if I get a little crazy, it’s just the sleep deprivation. Oh, and the constant heat and humidity that is currently striking Virginia, just like it does every year. Would you like frizzy hair, a  full to clammy complete body sweat from 8am to 8pm, and some very strange tan lines? Please, move to Virginia and take up riding!

Events This Weekend:

Inavale Farm HT [Website] [Entry Status]

Groton House Farm HT [Website] [Ride Times]

Abbe Ranch HT [Website]

Horse Park of New Jersey HT [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Genesee Valley HT [Website]

News From Around The Globe:

This weekend is very exciting for the US Para Equestrian World Championship Driving teams, as they compete in England for the top prize. Americans Diane Kastama, Mary Gray, Virginia (Boo) Fitch, and Vietnam Veteran Bob Giles participate in driven dressage, marathon and obstacles, and cones through the next few days.While many of us might think these athletes are nuts for driving carriages hell bent for leather through complicated obstacle courses, you should see them in action to see their love of the sport. Check out their bios and pics of the fascinating world of driving! [US Para Equestrian Driving Team]

In case you somehow missed it, the USEF just named our summer/fall training lists. This has to be the most depth that I’ve seen in the US training lists in a very, very long time. I feel like we finally have legitimate varied levels of competitors and horses, and a good strong group of up-and-comers. Go USA! [USEF Summer/Fall List]

Para equestrian Sydney Collier has worked her butt off for years, and has finally been named to the Para Dressage WEG Team. However, due to budget cuts, the only cost covered is the plane ticket for her horse! She’s desperately trying to raise money to get her to Normandy, and she has a raffle site. You buy a ticket, sponsor her a little bit, and enter to win some seriously cool prizes (like an iPad!). Let’s help her out! [Leg Up And Over]

You’ve got horse mail! EN’s own event horse classifieds site Sport Horse Nation is celebrating its four-year anniversary this July with the release of a brand new monthly e-newsletter! The newsletter will feature buying and selling tips from professionals in the industry as well as site updates, testimonials, success stories, and more! Click here to sign up!

Do you have a horse with a thin tail? Don’t know how to plump it up? Look no further than these tips from SmartPak, teaming up with super groom Emma Ford to let you in on some tail secrets! Hint: banging, banging, and a little MTG. [Help! Thin, Whispy Tails!]

Zara Phillips talks about her WEG Selection for the British Team.


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