Thursday Video: Bored? Here’s How to Turn a Tangerine Peel into a Horse. You’re Welcome.

Are you snowed in from this bombo-whatever-it-is blizzard that’s whalloping the east coast today? Well, citizens of EN, you’re in luck because here’s a real boredom buster that will test your knife skills and artistic capabilities.

All you need to start are three simple materials:

  1. A round citrus fruit.
  2. An Exacto knife or other sharp implement.
  3. Literally nothing better to do.

Hidden Artwork

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Posted by Miracles of nature on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ya’ll, I cann’t believe that all this time I’ve just been throwing peels away when I could have been doing this. Did you try it? Post a pic in the comments and show us how you did!

Go … citrus peeling?