Thursday Video from Nupafeed: All About Aachen with Ingrid Klimke

SAP Spectator Judging app

Ingrid Klimke is bringing all the love and support to CHIO Aachen! Discover how the SAP Spectator Judging app is bringing fans closer to the event. 🐎 #TheBestRun

Posted by SAP Sports on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

CHIO Aachen is basically home turf for the one and only Ingrid Klimke, but that doesn’t mean she takes being there for granted. This year she’s especially busy, as she’s arrived with four horses in tow and is competing across three disciplines, including eventing with her stalwart partner SAP Hale Bob OLD in addition to fellow superstar Parmenides, who she’ll also compete in pure show jumping.

From the spending time with family, to the international competitors, to the shopping, to the technology that SAP brings to the competition — let Ingrid lead you on a little tour of the show grounds and tell you what makes Aachen so special.

Stay tuned for much more Aachen coverage as the week goes on from EN’s own Jenni Autry, who is live on the scene!

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