Thursday Video from Professional’s Choice: Emma Ford’s Blanket Folding 101

Learning Center: Blanketing 101 with Emma Ford brought to you by Horseware Ireland

It's blanketing season! Do you know how to fold a perfect blanket so it sits neatly on the stall door? Watch the full Learning Center video to check out Emma Ford's top 🐴 blanketing tips 👉

Posted by US Equestrian on Thursday, November 14, 2019

US Equestrian’s Learning Center is a great place to find useful information that horse owners from all areas can benefit from. In the latest educational video released in the Learning Center, longtime Dutton Eventing barn manager Emma Ford breaks down her best practices for everyone’s favorite time of year, blanketing season.

In this video, Emma explains her recommendations for folding blankets of all weights so that they’re easy to hang on stall fronts without any pesky and unsightly dangling straps. Tidy barns for everyone!