Thursday Video: Some Top-Notch Dad-Barring

Urban Dictionary, that pioneering online crowd-sourced authority for slang words and phrases, defines “mom bar” as:

“when you are riding in the front seat of you’re moms car and she has to hit the brakes or do some crazy manuver to avoid something, then she stretches her arm across your chest holding you in your seat as if she was going to save your life.
dude some jerk whipped out in front of my moms mini van and i got the mom bar.”

Sentence, please:

“dude some jerk whipped out in front of my moms mini van and i got the mom bar.”

All deficient grammar aside, “mom bar” phenomenon is, in fact, a real thing. As the mother of a two-year-old human, I can attest firsthand to the instincts now programmed into my being to protect his tiny little snotty-nosed life at all times. “Dad bar” is a real thing, too, and to that end, I’ve gotta give the dad of Instagram-famous mini-equestrians Kizzy and Ettie mad props.

We here at EN have been following “Kizzy & Etties Pony Adventures” on Facebook and Instagram since these two British sisters were knee-high to a grasshopper, which is to say roundabout since Kizzy had just turned 5 and Ettie was 2. Time flies when you’re having fun, and now they’re — gasp — 7 and 5!

As the children of avid fox hunters, their horse-girl gutsiness and velcro-bummed stick-to-the-saddle skillsets are going stronger than ever. Best of luck to these firecrackers! (And moreso, good luck to their parents! I’d be having a heart attack a day!)