Thursday Video: Take Vassily de Lassos for a Spin Around Haras du Pin

Aussie Andrew Hoy is back with a new hat-cam video, which gives all us Vassily de Lassos superfans the chance to see life through his happy orange ears once again. This time, it’s a special edition from the final selection trial at Haras du Pin CCIO4*-S last week, where they finished in the top ten and after which, they were duly selected to represent Australia next month.

What’s really cool about this video is that you get a true sense of the scale of Haras du Pin’s inclines, which don’t always seem significant — even when walking! — but which do add up to a real stamina test, and what Michael Jung describes as the perfect Pratoni prep course. The other thing I find fascinating about it is the rhythm that Andrew puts Vassily in — it’s super consistent and not at all hairy, but actually, they delivered the fastest round of the day in that huge line-up, which shows the power of being able to skip the lengthy set-up process and create a cross-country gallop that’s workable all the way to the fence. (I also love how constant Andrew’s verbal communication is with him; my own word vomit on course sounds an awful lot more frantic, if I’m honest.)