Thursday Video: William Micklem’s Winter Motivator

We feel exceptionally lucky here at EN to count the legendary horseman William Micklem among our friends, supporters, confidantes and collaborators — and we’re sure we’re not alone in having grown up heavily influenced by his experience. I, for one, had a copy of his Complete Horse Riding Manual that, like the Velveteen Rabbit, was loved so hard that its fur (um, its cover) wore off, and in the years of my childhood when I couldn’t actively ride, it was the thing that almost singlehandedly kept me in a place of positive progress. For that alone, I’ve always been grateful to William — but he’s certainly never stopped giving back to the sport, either in his remit as a Fellow of the British Horse Society, inventor of the Micklem Multibridle, source of horses such as Biko and Custom Made and breeder of Olympic High Kingdom and Mandiba, and much-loved educator.

Now, to add a seriously cool string to his bow, he’s tackled the world of Ted Talks — and his recent talk, The GO! Rules, is essential listening for all of us as we learn to run our own race, compete with ourselves, and strive for that same positive progress every day. If you’re in need of a bit of a jump-start for this off-season, take the time to have a listen to this. It’ll be well worth your time.

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