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Thanksgiving at Windurra! Photo by Silva Martin.


U.S. Weekend Preview

Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T. (Thomson, GA): [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

News From Around the Globe:

Hello Black Friday, our Holiday Gift Guide has landed! We’ve picked out a few of our favorite gift ideas for all types of riders and partnered with some awesome brands to bring you special deals and promotions. [Start shopping]

In 2018, There were 42 young horses contesting YEH 5-year-old Championships between the East and West Coast Championships which were held in Elkton, Maryland, and Woodside, California, respectively. Following 2018’s YEH finale, many of the graduating class of the 2018 USEA Young Event Horse Championships have worked their way up through the rankings as they establish themselves as upper-level event horse prospects. [YEH Yearbook: Class of 2018]

Winter is the perfect time to work on some details with your riding, one of which is certainly position and rider biomechanics. Mary Wanless, an internationally renowned dressage coach and rider biomechanics specialist, shares some useful advice on how correct biomechanics can positively affect performance. [13 Facts About Rider Biomechanics]

Best of Blogs: Thankful For A Thoroughbred

After watching the annual Presidential Turkey Pardon earlier this week, a Florida trainer was inspired to grant clemency of a different kind. On Wednesday, Alice Abrahams led her fleet of multi-colored lease ponies, three in each hand, to the largest, nine-acre field on her Ocala-based Palm Lane Farm property. There, she removed their halters, handed each a jumbo carrot, and sent them on their merry way.“Nobody’s earned it more,” Abrahams said. “No more little heels banging them in the sides, or pulling on their mouths over cross-rails. No more having to wait out the waterworks when the kiddos take second place, or when they throw a tantrum when it’s time to apply more sunscreen at the show ring. From now until January 1, 2023, my ponies are officially unclipped and off the payroll!” [Ponies Pardoned for Thanksgiving]


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