‘Tis the Season for Neck Straps: London 52’s First Post-Vacation Jump School

I kid you not when I tell you that team EN begins Instagram-stalking Laura Collett every year around this time. Cheg clued us in a bit this morning that the time was near, and now we’ve officially been blessed by the patron saint of neck straps with London 52’s first jump school antics after vacation. [Click here to watch the video above on Instagram]

Of course, when you’ve won multiple 5* events and multiple medals, you earn the right to take your training sessions however you see fit. London 52 certainly had another standout year, taking the title at Luhm├╝hlen (that’s three 5* wins in as many starts, beginning with Pau in 2020 and Badminton in 2022). Great Britain may have depth to spare ahead of the upcoming Olympics in Paris, but there’s only one London 52.

If you’re just catching up with us, welcome. No, we typically don’t share every video of a horse enjoying himself after a vacation, but yes, it’s become an annual tradition here on EN. Here’s a look at a few of these posts over the years:

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We’re here for it, Dan, as long as we’re not the ones who have to ride you. Never change.

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