Today’s Laugh, Brought to You by Dom Schramm

Photo courtesy of Schramm Equestrian Photo courtesy of Schramm Equestrian

Hang in there! Dom Schramm of Evention TV fame posted this hilariously ridiculous picture on his Facebook page and Instagram with the caption, “That Cold Harbor sure can buck a bit when he comes back into work!!” Bo¬†looks mighty unimpressed.

If you think the picture is hysterical, some of the comments are even better. When asked how he got down from the rafters, Dom replied, “I just softened my hand.” I think the better question is: if Bo didn’t actually buck him off, how the heck did Dom get up there? Check out some of our favorite comments:



In related news, be sure to check out the latest episode of “Along for the Ride,” in which Dom celebrates some exciting news regarding his green card, eventing prospects Kaz and Breeze strut their stuff, and Jimmie excitedly prepares for Plantation Field…and an as-yet-undecided number of feline additions to the farm.

Go Evention. Go Eventing.

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