Top Eventers’ Top Products, Part 3: Special Occasions

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Now that we’ve determined how to get our closets on par with the Hawley Bennett-Awads and Auburn Excell-Bradys of the world, it’s time to move on to special occasion purchases. Whether you’re traveling cross country, competing cross country, or just looking for a handbag that won’t track hay with you everywhere you go, these next product recommendations are here to help.

Leg Protection

Jenny Caras, shown here with Fernhill Fortitude, is fan of the Majyk Equipe’s Color Elite X Country Boot. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

“Finding the right cross country boot can be a bit of a challenge. You want something that will adequately protect your horse without being cumbersome or uncomfortable. We are in love with Majyk Equipe’s Color Elite X Country Boot. Not only do they look really sporty and fun, but they offer amazing protection and the foam on the inside that helps keep their legs cool really provides peace of mind while we’re out competing.” — Jenny Caras of Caras Eventing International. Where to buy? Majyk’s website ($99.99).

“We really love using Woof Wear Smart Tendon Boot, especially for show jumping. They look incredibly sharp with the elastic and snaps. I also have found that these open fronts fit incredibly well and we don’t see them slipping at all after a ride.” — Auburn Excell-Brady of Excell Equestrian. Where to buy? Ride Away Equestrian ($80.79).

“I will not ship a horse without putting on a set of Professional’s Choice Shipping Boots. They offer great protection and are also durable enough to survive extremely long hauls.”– Mackenna Shea of Mackenna Shea Eventing. Where to buy? Professional’s Choice website ($102.95).

Recovery Tools

Allison Springer, shown here with Fairvoya S, uses Equine Advantage Sooth’N Cool Gel to help her horses recover after cross country. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

“One year at Fair Hill International all the competitors were given a small amount of Equine Advantage Sooth’N Cool Gel. I really liked the feel of it and ease of application, so I bought a big tub of it and fell completely in love. We use it after cross country under wraps, or on any other sore spots. I’ve had a lot of luck with it without wraps too. It is the absolute best.” — Allison Springer of Allison Springer Eventing. Where to buy? Equine Advantage’s website ($24.99-$69.99).

“The horses love standing under our World Equestrian Brands Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad after a ride. They feel so much looser and I’ve noticed a huge difference since we started using it.” — Allie Knowles of Alexandra Knowles EventingWhere to buy? World Equestrian Brands website ($375)

“I am so glad I have RockTape for the horses. It makes a huge difference and there’s so much you can do to aid different areas of their bodies. It’s become a part of our everyday routine.”– Lauren Billys of Lauren Billys EventingWhere to buy? RockTape website (price varies).

Not riding equipment

Detoxwater on the road with Hawley Bennett-Awad and Jen McFall. Photo courtesy of Hawley Bennett-Awad.

“I’m obsessed with Detox Water. It is delicious, and it’s so good for you. It’s healing while hydrating, and it is the best whether you’re at a horse show or the gym.” — Hawley Bennett-Awad of Hawley Bennett Eventing. Where to buy? Detox Water website ($39.99).

“The Frankie Cameron bag is beyond gorgeous. I get compliments on it everywhere I go, and I love that it has a zip out liner so if some gross horsey thing gets spilled in there it’s easy to clean. They’re so functional without giving up any of the beauty you want in a handbag.” — Allie KnowlesWhere to buy? Frankie Cameron website ($295-$425).

“Taylor loves the Marpac Sound Machine to help her drown out noise and fall asleep. Especially in hotels it’s a really nice thing to have.” — Jennifer McFall of Dragonfire Sporthorses. Where to buy? Marpac website ($29.95-$49.95).


Heather Morris in her CWD saddle with Charlie Tango. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

“My new Ford F450 is an absolute beast. It’s definitely my favorite thing I’ve purchased recently!” — Earl McFall of Dragonfire Sporthorses. Where to buy? Find your friend neighborhood Ford dealer here (we’re just going to put several dollar signs here $$$$$).

“Your saddle is a huge investment, and I can’t recommend CWD Saddles more highly. The horses love the way they fit and they’re super comfortable and supportive for the rider. The leather is also incredibly supple and grippy, perfect for us event riders.” — Heather Morris of Next Level Eventing. Where to buy? Check out a list of CWD Representatives here ($$$).

“The GameReady System is one of the most important pieces of equipment in our program. The horses love standing in it, and the results are wonderful. It’s also incredibly nice how portable they are, so they can easily come to horse shows or travel back and forth from Ocala.” — John Michael and Kimmy Durr of Durr Eventing and Show Jumping. Where to buy? GameReady website ($$).

In closing, there are a LOT of things just as worthy of your tax refund as investments and all that other boring grown up stuff. As the kids say, you only live once, and you might as well spend it treating yourself, and your equine pals.

After that pep talk, I’m feeling pretty motivated myself. If anyone needs me I’ll be doing a little online perusing of some of our favorite equestrian retailers.