Top Quotes from the Grand Finale Rolex Press Conference

Phillip Dutton, Maxime Livio, Michael Jung and Zara Tindall. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld. Phillip Dutton, Maxime Livio, Michael Jung and Zara Tindall. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

It’s hard to believe another Rolex has come and gone, and we’re bringing you the top quotes from the final press conference as we wrap up yet another #BestWeekendAllYear.

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Here is what the top placing riders had to say about their weekends here in Lexington:

Michael Jung:

On his show jump round with fischerRocana FST: “This is a very wonderful horse. fischerRocana is absolutely a top horse. The mare is so much fighting for me, we get a very nice partnership and I know everything that she needs to motivate her. She gives me a very, very good feeling in the warm-up, that gives you a good feeling before such a tough jumping competition and in the course then I had a very good feeling, the problems started a little bit on the white combination. She was a bit spooky and maybe I used my hands a bit too much. And then I had not enough power in the triple combination, and then we had still two more jumps. That makes me a bit nervous, but in the end it works and I’m very very thankful for my whole team and for my horse.”

On what he looks for in a three-day horse: “The best thing is when the horse is nearly perfect in dressage, jumping and cross country! Definitely you need a very powerful horse, maybe in the beginning a bit more difficult, but in the end at a big four-star competition like this you need the power. And in the end, you have to work with that horse many years to get a good partnership— like fischerRocana — a lasting partnership to get better and better and I think that’s the way.”

Maxime Livio:

On the “pressure cooker” situation he entered the ring in: “All the time, you feel pressure when you come to the ring, especially when you are competing four-star with all the top riders. With my horse, I just have to speak to him and be good with my ride and if I do that, the pressure goes on because the horse is very careful and he’s very strong enough. I know if I focus on my riding, the horse will do his best so of course the pressure was here, but just because I want to be good for my horse. After that, I think it’s good for me to start to put pressure on Miche (the room laughs). I think all week, my horse was 100%, I was maybe 90% on dressage so after that I had no regrets. He gives me his best in life. So I’m very happy.”

Zara Tindall:

On how it feels to finish this weekend after such a disappointment here in 2015: “I’m obviously very lucky to come back here. It’s great to be up here with these guys. I tried to put the pressure on and it didn’t work. But my horse was fantastic, all through the competition, and he jumped great today. He’s been a fantastic horse for me and I loved riding him all weekend. Being in Kentucky at Rolex, it’s such a fantastic competition and thank you for having me.”

On what she looks for in a three-day horse: “William (Micklem) bred my horse, so I’m very thankful to him. He has all the qualities I’d love to find again in a horse. He’s a great galloper and a really fantastic jumper and he’s got all the heart you could ever want in a horse.”

Phillip Dutton:

On the emotions he’s had to manage this weekend: “It’s not easy. Lee Lee is in rehab at Bryn Mawr and I’m very glad for the live streaming because apparently she’s really enjoyed watching. It’s a struggle, and it’s something I hope you all don’t have to go through. But luckily, everyone has been great in the horse world and have really bonded behind us. It really is truly a great family. We’re just battling on. I think with time, she’ll be back here hopefully next year.”

On what he looks for in a three-day horse: “Especially having four-stars like this one, you definitely need a horse that can gallop and who are comfortable to gallop at 10, 11, 12 minutes.”

On Mr. Medicott’s incredible performance this weekend: “I was quite unsure about what to do, whether I should bring him. He’s been off for two years, but there wasn’t much else for him the rest of the year, I didn’t think, that’s that suitable. A horse like this … a lot of the events are beneath him, if you know what I mean. I think this is a pretty appropriate event for the horse to come to. And for him to show so much heart; I probably didn’t have him quite fit enough, and I only had one Horse Trial on him now in two years, but he’s such an incredible horse. I’d say this will be his last time at this level, so this is a great way for him to finish.”