Training Tip Tuesday Video: Developing Your Trot Lengthening with Amelia Newcomb

There’s a distinct difference between a proper trot lengthening and a trot that’s just faster, not longer. Learning this distinction – and properly training yourself to apply the aid and your horse to balance herself accordingly – is a process, and it’s always helpful to have some extra tools in your back pocket.

Amelia Newcomb, who is based in Somis, Ca., is a Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer who maintains a robust library of training videos on her YouTube channel. Amelia’s most recent video is all about trot lengthenings, showing riders a variety of exercises and tips for producing a correct lengthening from your horse.

Amelia typically writes a blog to accompany each video, and you can read her bullet points about these exercises here. Be sure to follow along with Amelia’s YouTube channel for many more helpful resources like this one.