Tuesday News and Notes from Kentucky Performance Products

It’s tiiiiiime: the MARS Maryland 5 Star box office is opening on Friday, and if you’re in that sort of neck of the woods, they’re hosting a sales event at Fair Hill Saddlery that sounds like it’ll be all the right kinds of bonkers. (I mean, Boyd will be there, so it’s anyone’s guess what’s going to go down!) Definitely a Saturday sweetener not to miss — and you could win some seriously good swag, too. Get involved!

Events Opening Today: Chattahoochee Hills H.T.Summer Coconino H.T. ITwin Rivers Summer H.T.Inavale Farm HT

Events Closing Today: Essex H.T.Carriage House Farm Combined TestGenesee Valley Riding & Driving Club Spring H.T.Poplar Place June H.T.Ocala Summer H.T. IGMHA June H.T.MCTA H.T. at Shawan DownsThe Spring Event at ArcherIEA Horse Trials

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

Good news, but also annoying news for Thoroughbred lovers: as of Paris 2024, pure Thoroughbred breeding will be recognised in the Olympics — extraordinarily, it’s previously been recorded as ‘unknown breeding’. Baffling stuff. But for those folks who are bringing talented young Thoroughbreds up through the ranks, the Young Horse Championships at Le Lion d’Angers, which are effectively a studbook competition, will still be off-limits, despite many vocal calls for them to open up to blood horses. [A baffling one, this]

Do you ever find yourself just kind of winging it in your warm-up? Honestly, same: I go in with kind of a plan of action, and then end up getting a bit frazzled by dodging other riders, trying to find space to open my horse’s stride, and, frankly, I get influenced by what other people are doing and copy them. It’s a mess! I’ll be taking British u25 champ Greta Mason’s advice into account to sort my life out. [Warm up sensibly]

We all love Piggy, and if you’ve watched it, you probably love PiggyTV, too. Horse Sport sat down with this veritable legend of sport and at-home broadcasting to find out more about her journey up from keen Pony Clubber to two-time five-star winner, and gives you the chance to tune in for a free episode, which takes us on a jolly good snoop around William Fox-Pitt’s yard. It’s great stuff. [Get Piggy with it]

Riding well is just, like, 10% of the equation. When it comes to eventing — and, actually, any kind of horse sport — knowing your horse, and understanding when they’re in pain, confused, or frightened is even more important, and that’s why learning to be a horseman rather than just a rider is key. These great tips will help coaches to ensure they’re building consummate all-rounders, rather than just riders who show up, jump on, and ride for a rosette. [We’ve all got to do the dirty work]

Sponsor Corner: If your horse is sensitive to sugar, be very careful turning them out on the spring grass. Kentucky Performance Products has a fascinating blog full of spring grazing tips 👉 check it out!

Watch This:

Check out a week in the life of a competitor in Badminton’s Grassroots Championship, and be prepared to be wildly jealous of anyone who gets to take part in this very cool competition!

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