Tuesday News & Notes from Cavalor

Buck Almighty. Photo submitted by Victoria Garland.

Reader Victoria Garland and her two friends traveled 23 hours just to witness Galway greatness. “We’re huge Buck fans, so watching him with Petite Flower was a huge deal!” she said. “He’s like Bruce Almighty Jr. Praise Buck!” Buck’s CCI3* win was even more holy awesome because the mare was bred by his father.

Events Closing Today: MeadowCreek Park H.T.- The Fall Social Event  (Texas, Area V)

Your Tuesday News:

The Amy Barrington Recovery Page posted a heartwarming video of Amy venturing out on her own two feet. The video made the announcement that Amy is now “off of stall rest,” so to speak. It goes without saying the massive outpouring of support from around the country is nothing short of impressive as Amy continues to recover from her brain injury. Go Amy. [Video]

Cincinnati suddenly got a lot more appealing. None other than David O’Connor will be the keynote speaker at the next  USEA Annual Meeting and Convention. Find out what else is planned here. [USEA]

Think your horse is heavy on the forehand? Check out the competitors of the heavy-horse pull event at Farm Fair International in Edmonton. The draft horse pairs train all year to pull a flat-bottomed sled loaded with cement blocks. Each round, more weight is added to the 4,000-lb. starting load. [Edmonton Journal]

Girl, pony, saved from swampy death. A 13-year-old German girl spent hours calling from help while up to her chest in mud with  her Shetland pony after she tried to rescue him when he got stuck in a swamp. Hundreds of volunteers scoured the area and found the desperate pair after midnight. Neither were seriously hurt. But the pony is seriously cute, even when soggy. [thelocal.de]

Zebras could make excellent eventers. Except for the whole wild animal part. This month, three rare Hartmann’s Mountain zebras were born in zoos around the world. There’s only about 8,200 left on the planet. Though smaller than Teddy O’Connor, these little guys can run 40 miles per hour, jump six feet and go four days without water. The dressage, however, might be a challenge. [Horse Nation]

Thoroughbred bridesmaid didn’t have to wear a hideous dress. Alex Well’s bridesmaid, Toffee, just had to sport a purple halter and a bow to match the maid of honor for the wedding of Wells, 28, of Nottinghamshire, U.K. to Graham Sales, 29. Sales was in no doubt about where he stood in the family: second to the 17-year-old mare. “Alex goes to see Toffee twice a day and will spend weekends with her, so I am always competing with her for attention,” he told metro.co.uk. [Metro]

You can lead a (carriage) horse to water – for now. As the days of carriage horses in New York City seem to be ending, the New York Times featured an interesting story about some of the historic fountains built for the horses (and dogs) back in the metropolis’s equine hay day, where 40,000 horses clip-clopped around the city’s streets. [New York Times]

SmartPak Product of the Day: At first my gelding hated his bra. But soon, he got used to it. It’s the price one has to pay for being blessed with a very, um, generous, chest.  His lingerie of choice, the Stretchies Shoulder Guard, prevents his less-than-perfectly-fitting blanket from rubbing. The elastic, velcro-adjustable belly band keeps it from sliding, very important, because as all geldings know, an uncomfortable bra is the worst.

Video of the Day: Buck doesn’t only have human fans. Dogs love him too. Here, he gets a canine escort at Red Hills. In 2009, his approach to the Sunken Road at Rolex was foiled by a pooch. Neither was likely trained to pee in a toilet.

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