Tuesday News & Notes from Cavalor

Hawley Bennett: Olympic Ski Jumper? Photo via Hawley Bennett. Hawley Bennett: Olympic Ski Jumper? Photo via Hawley Bennett.

Will we soon be seeing Hawley Bennett on the Canadian Olympic team … for ski jumping? It sure looks that way from this photo, but she’s decided that eventing is more her speed. If you’re friends with Hawley on Instagram, you’ll be able to see the video of her first ever ski jumping attempt and, well, we agree that Hawley is much better off on our side of the athletic spectrum!

Many props to her for giving it a shot! I can’t say I would have had the guts to do it — then again, Hawley has the guts to gallop around Rolex and Burghley so, I guess this fits.

Events Opening Today:

Colorado Horse Park CCI1*, CIC2**,T3D & H.T. (CO, A-9), Colorado Horse Park CCI1*, CIC2**,T3D & H.T. (CO, A-9), Erie Hunt and Saddle Club H.T. (PA, A-2), Waredaca Farm H.T. (MD, A-2) Genesee Valley Riding & Driving Club H.T. (NY, A-1) Full Gallop Farm August HT (SC, A-3),  Erie Hunt and Saddle Club H.T. (PA, A-8)

Tuesday News:

Attention New York eventers! Four-star rider Kristin Schmolze will be teaching a clinic at Netherwood Acres in Hyde Park, Ny. on July 11. Dressage or cross country lessons will be offered at a rate of $90 for a group or $110 for a private lesson. Kristin returns to New York throughout the year, so this is a great opportunity to work with her on a semi-regular basis. Email Sage Kurten to submit your entry for the clinic.

Voting for EN’s 5th Annual Blogger Contest is almost over, so get your vote in while it counts! While the poll will not determine the winner, we will be taking the results into account when making our final decision. Voting ends tomorrow, July 1, at midnight. [Vote for Blogger Contest Winner]

Are you ready for AECs? We sure are! While I will unfortunately miss out on what has become one of my favorite events to cover, EN will still be on the ground for the event’s final year at Texas Rose. Don’t forget — there are tons of cash and prizes up for grabs! Definitely worth the trip. [AECs Coming Soon]

How cool would it be if American Pharoah and California Chrome battled it out? That just may be what happens on October 31 in the Breeders Cup Classic. Too bad tickets are rapidly selling out — and likely will be completely gone as soon as the general public gets wind that AP is aiming for Lexington. [AP and California Chrome to Battle?]

Did you know that horses can have varying temperatures based on their breed, discipline and many other factors? As if we needed one more thing to track! French researchers are finding more and more trends when it comes to “complete temperament”, and their findings are definitely intriguing. [Different Horse, Different Temperature]

Tuesday Video Break:

Because there’s always a good reason for a Francis Whittington helmet cam, and also because Barbury is coming up in just a couple of weeks.