Tuesday News & Notes from Kentucky Performance Products

I’m thoroughly enjoying going ‘behind the scenes’ in Tamie Smith’s string as she introduces all her horses — quirks and all — on her Instagram page. It’s a great chance to get to know characters beyond the big boys like Mai Baum and Danito, and frankly, I’ve already fallen in love with up-and-comer Kynan as a result!

Events Opening Today: Jumping Branch Farm H.T.Ram Tap H.T.Ocala Winter I

Events Closing Today: Stable View Aiken Opener H.T.Grand Oaks H.T.

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

Our sister site, Horse Nation, continues to mythbust some of the horse world’s longest-standing assumptions — and on the chopping block today is the subject of alfalfa. Namely, that is, whether or not feeding it’ll turn your horse into a raving loony. Find out the science, the benefits, and the truth of the whole matter with this fascinating read. [Is alfalfa a stimulant?]

Most of us grew up as bona fide barn rats. But now that we’re grown up, who’s taken our place? Theres so much nostalgia packed into this piece — those barn parties where we all bobbed for apples and then climbed up into the upper levels of the hay barn to gossip and eat snacks; the fearless rides on naughty school ponies who took full advantage of the chance to plonk us straight onto our bottoms; the dog-eared horse magazines we all read cover to cover before dumping them in the tack room to discuss. And then, of course, there’s the very real question: in a much more litigious society than the one we grew up in, is the era of the barn rat over and done with? [Let horse-child spirit never die]

I love the Equestrians of Color Photography Project, because it mixes two of my favourite things: gorgeous photos and fascinating stories. The latest instalment features Ateasha Baltodano, who grew up feeling like the odd one out at 4-H, and Josh Boggs, who has tips for pushing through when the going gets tough. [Meet the equestrians]

We’re no strangers to the concept of picking up a cheap-as-chips Thoroughbred. But seldom do those Thoroughbreds come from the rodeo, as jumper rider Kimberley Harker’s Just A Dream did. Though his origin story is an unusual one, his eventual blossoming into a much-loved competition horse feels comforting and familiar for all of us who love OTTBs just a little bit extra. [This Thoroughbred can]

And finally, a retired firefighter is looking forward to making his eventing debut — with a difference. 60-year-old Dave Farrington is planning to use his experience as a way to fundraise for Motor Neurone Disease and Alzheimer’s research, and he’s already roped in some big names to help him out along the way. [Check out his story]

Sponsor Corner: Got a hard keeper?

Kentucky Performance Products has a whole stable full of science-backed nutritional support products, and one tried-and-true helper for the one who could *just* use some extra help is the popular Equi-Jewel®. Equi-Jewel can meet your horse’s energy needs. Equi-Jewel reduces the risk of digestive upset, supports optimal muscle function, maintains stamina, and helps horses recover faster after hard work, all while providing the calories your horse needs to thrive.

[Managing Metabolically Challenged Horses During Winter]

Tuesday Video:

love a yard tour — and this one, from Helgstrand Dressage’s German base, has me reaching for a lottery ticket today!

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