Tuesday News & Notes from Kentucky Performance Products

Over the weekend, EN’s dear friends Carlos and Sam from Equestly had to face a nightmare scenario: their house burned down, leaving them with just enough time to grab their dogs and get out before the building was engulfed. Sadly, they lost one of their two beloved cats in the blaze, and all their possessions, too — but Kim Tierney has set up a GoFundMe to help them get back on their feet ahead of the holiday season. Check it out and help out, if you can, here.

Events Opening Today: Sporting Days Farm January Horse Trials I

Events Closing Today: Full Gallop Farm Jingle Bells H.T

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

Are you a course designer or planner/organizer and want some better tools for your cross country courses? You might want to check out a free webinar hosted by CrossCountryApp to roll out a whole slew of new features, including ability to color-code tracks, overlay them to see how they intersect, automatic FEI reporting, and much more. The webinar is free to attend and will also be recorded. You can register in the U.S. webinar (TODAY at 6 pm EST) here and in the UK and Europe (TOMORROW 11/22 at 8 am BST time) here. You can also learn more about the new CrossCountryApp Toolkit here.

We love an unusual eventing horse — and Splash certainly fits the bill. The 15.2hh Clydesdale/Vanner cross was actually bred to be a jousting horse, but was sold as part of a divorce and I guess there weren’t that many jousting households around to snap her up. After six years in a field, she finally got a proper start under saddle — and now, she’s loving eventing at Beginner Novice.

European Champ and 2x five-star winner in 2023 Ros Canter is on tour. She and longtime trainer Caroline Moore have been travelling to venues around the UK sharing the tips and tricks of their success, and if you missed out on the live show, you can debrief on some of the most pertinent points here. 

When a group of female physicians from around the country bonded over their shared love of eventing, it was the start of a magic friendship. But when one of their own, the remarkable Val Johnson, passed away suddenly, it became an even louder rallying cry for the women in the group, who found a special way to honor their friend at this year’s AECs. Warm your heart this morning here.

And finally: we’re not the only ones rabid with excitement over Aachen 2026. Here’s how plenty of big name riders are feeling about the return of the WEG format (sort of) and a World Championship at one of equestrian sport’s most impressive venues.

Sponsor Corner: Why does Buck Davidson call Hannah Sue Burnett Smurf? Why did Bobby Meyerhoff retire his racing saddle? What was Doug Payne’s course walk strategy? Get all the behind-the-scenes tidbits you didn’t know you needed from the Maryland Five Star. Coverage sponsored by Kentucky Performance Products.

Watch This:

Ever wondered what it’s like to compete at the Cotswold Cup, the UK’s premier unaffiliated eventing series? Go behind the scenes with one rider and find out…


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