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I can already feel myself inching towards that post-holiday period of absolutely ZERO motivation, which is why I, to steal a phrase from my colleague Abby’s mouth, am high-key excited about this new course offering from our pals at Equestly. A chance to improve my existing skills and add new ones will maximizing the warmth of being indoors? Sign. Me. Up. This might actually encourage me to make the most of dreary January — especially because they’re beginning with a course on self-care rituals for exhausted horse girls. I know we all fit that bill.

Events Opening Today: Full Gallop Farm January H.TRocking Horse Winter I H.T.

News & Notes from Around the World:

There are plenty of ways to learn and improve as a rider. One of those, that’s still pretty new to all of us, is the utilisation of wearable tech — and a group of trainers at a college in Scotland have been leaning into the potential of this addition to their teaching programmes. Here’s an insight into what they’re using — and how you could implement it into your own training, too.

Researchers reckon they’ve found the oldest saddle ever yet discovered. The Mongolian saddle was found in a tomb (no confirmation either way whether they released a curse and/or the spirit of a Mongolian warlord in the process, but watch this space) and dates back to the 5th century. Now, everyone’s nerding out in a big way over the construction of the saddle and stirrup rig.

A whole bunch of great people were recognised at the USEA Convention last week. Here’s a handy rundown of who they all are, what they’ve contributed to the sport, and how USEA’s doing, generally speaking.

Grooms are the essential workers without whom eventing couldn’t function. We’ve partnered with Achieve Equine this year to spotlight the incredible efforts of supergrooms across the industry — and now, we want to know who you think is the greatest of them all. Drop your nominations here by December 27 and your favorite groom could win a tonne of great prizes plus bragging rights that’ll sustain them through the off-season.


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Watch This:

More from Geneva today — and this time, it’s combined driving, the most indecipherable and bonkers sport going.



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