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I’m not even a little bit sorry about leading with a meme today, because I just know so many of you will relate to this one from the frankly top-notch Dressage Queen of Memes. I’ve helped a few friends with their small breeding operations and we’ve spent weeks, if not months, doing our research into stallions, watching endless videos, tracking down progeny to see what they’re like, stopping just short of pulling together a few punnet squares (but like, I’m definitely going to try that next time). But when it comes to Hinge? My wilderness years were filled with horrors, including the time I went on a date with a chap who told me, ad nauseum, about his very iffy opinions on closed borders. For months I had a note hanging in my kitchen that said ‘PLEASE DON’T SLEEP WITH ANY FASCISTS’. It’s a rule I’ve stuck to, but lord, the dating thing was hard work.

Events Opening Today: Sporting Days Farm March H.T. IIRocking Horse Winter III H.T.Twin Rivers Winter H.T.

Events Closing Today: Three Lakes Winter I H.T. at Caudle RanchSporting Days Farm February Trials H.T. IGalway Downs 2023 Kickoff H.T.

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

It’s something none of particularly want to think about — but one day, we’ll all die. And when we do, we need to make sure we have watertight plans in place for what happens to our horses, otherwise they could be dispersed. If you haven’t made a will yet, this piece might compel you to do so. [Making plans for after the fact]

Ever considered using a sports psychologist? Or, more specifically, ever been put off using one because a) you’re not really sure what they do and b) you’re not sure you’re the target clientele? Dr Paul Haefner is here to dispel all your doubts, with some useful information on what to expect and how to find the best practitioner for you. And yes, you’re the target clientele, even if you don’t compete. [Get a sports psychologist on your side]

In great news for aspiring event riders on a budget, a new scheme in the UK is matching kids with competition ponies — for free. Project Pony is the brainchild of a former Team GB pony rider, and it provides free loans of very good competition mounts to young riders who may not otherwise have access to such quality to learn from. Among those kids? 5* rider Tom Crisp’s son Harry, who’s finally getting the chance to prove himself over BE courses as a result. [A pony for you, and a pony for you, and a pony for EVERYONE]

We recently reviewed the Eques Pante on EN and loved it. But what we arguably love even more is that behind these small businesses are real human beings — and the horses they love, too. Sadly, founder Jessica Andrews recently had to put her heart horse, Nahlea, to sleep, and she’s penned a lovely tribute to this special mare that shares their whole story together — from the meat man’s bargain bin to the beginnings of a brilliant business. [Saying goodbye]

Sponsor Corner:  Could Vitamin E help horses with neurological disease? New research shows that the right vitamin E supplement could be beneficial! Check out this blog on the topic from Kentucky Performance Products!

Watch This:

British vlogger Lucy Robinson recently took her ex-racehorse, Ember, to his first-ever arena eventing competition. Check out how they got on:

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