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Morocco’s Noor Slaoui is heading to her first Olympics this month – and will become the first-ever rider from North Africa to compete in the eventing at the Games. She’s also her country’s first-ever international eventer, so you better believe we’ll be catching up with this powerhouse of the sport and following her journey in Paris. But enough about what we’ll be planning to do – HOW cute is her collection of lucky charms, made for her by her nephews, who are just four and six years old? Real medals are great and all, but we reckon these – handmade with love and a symbol of how much care and joy and support is so obviously surrounding Noor – are worth so much more.

Events Opening Today: Bouckaert Equestrian H.T. InternationalTown Hill Farm H.T.Shepherd Ranch Pony Club H.T. IIFull Gallop Farm August HT

Events Closing Today: Millbrook H.T.Hunt Club Farms H.T.,

News & Notes from Around the World:

While a whole lot of very exciting competitions played out around the world, a lot of learning was happening, too. Not least at the East Coast EA21 I Clinic over the weekend, which has been neatly summarised in photo gallery form by Lindsey Berreth of the USEA. Check out her images here.

Speaking of photo galleries, we know you want more from CHIO Aachen. Here’s a neat summary of the whole week, thanks to the magical eye of Shannon Brinkman, who was joined by her daughter Roya in their mission to capture the heart of all the action across the disciplines and the arenas. Take us back!

We’re just over two weeks away from the Paris Olympics (oh my GOD), and a whole heck of a lot is happening. Catch up on Horse&Hound‘s roundup of the latest talking points, including big results across the disciplines in final prep runs, a squashing of cancellation rumours, an update on London 52, and a bit of positive news on the carbon footprint of the Olympics. Read it here.

Social media is often a curse, but in some cases, it can really be a beautiful thing. That’s most evidenced when it’s used to bring people around the world together on a common mission – like, for example, tracking down a long-lost, much-missed horse. This story will – fair warning! – probably make you cry a little bit this morning, but it really shows what makes our broader horsey community such a wonderful, inimitable place to be. Here’s to the horses who shape so many lives.

Sponsor Corner: We’re in the final countdown to the start of the equestrian events at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and the excitement is mounting with every moment. Thanks to Kentucky Performance Products, EN is bringing you all the action. Read this article before the first rider leaves the startbox to get caught up on the logistics of all three phases.

Watch This: 

Ride around CHIO Aachen with Belgian powerhouse Lara de Liedekerke-Meier and her first ride, Hermione d’Arville, who finished in the top ten – as did her other ride, Ducati d’Arville, because Lara, that’s why!

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