Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Photo via @dragonfirefarm on Instagram.

It doesn’t get much more fun than the mom and daughter duo of Jen and Taylor McFall. Jen was a proud mom this weekend as she watched her five-star horse take her daughter to her first Intermediate. The pair finished fifth. Jen didn’t do too bad herself either! She and Stoneman were sixth in the CCI3*-S. Congratulations to the Dragonfire Farm crew!

National Holiday: Voter Registration Day!

Events Opening This Week: USEA MDHT YEH Qualifier and NEH FinalFull Moon Farms H.T.War Horse Event Series November H.T.River Glen Fall H.T.Horse Trials at Majestic OaksTexas Rose Horse Park Fall H.T., West Coast Championships at Twin Rivers Ranch

Events Closing This Week: The Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy FarmRadnor Hunt H.T.War Horse Event Series October H.T.Ocala Fall HTWoodside International H.T.St. Johns H.T.

Tuesday News: 

Virginia Horse Trials International has announced that they will include an Intercollegiate & Alumni Team Challenge for their Oct. 28-Nov. 1 event. This is open to current undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni. Teams may be mixed between schools and levels.

VHT (Virginia Horse Trials) International is pleased to include an Intercollegiate & Alumni Team Challenge during the Oct. 28-Nov. 1 VHT International & H.T. Current undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni are invited to participate. Send your team roster and any questions to Team Coordinator, [email protected].

Spiral staircases got their start in the firehouse, but did you know it’s because of horses? The firefighters slept upstairs while the horses, who pulled the engines, lived downstairs. With traditional stairs, these stations found that hungry horses would scale the stairs. So turns out hungry horses are to blame for this unique design. [Spiral Staircases, Fire Poles, & Fire Stations]

Fangirling is not saved only for amateur riders. Professionals admire others as well! [‘It’s hard to get to the top of our sport and to stay there’: some of the world’s best name their favourite riders of the decade]

Talking about money can be … awkward. Noelle Floyd has opened up the floor for rider to anonymously talk about finances and how that affects their relationship with the sport. [An ER Nurse with a Trust Fund Navigates Horse Expenses After a Divorce]

The New York Times explores the Unionville event name discussions: Estate’s Racially Divisive Name Threatens Future of Premier Equestrian Event

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