Tuesday Video Break: Take A Walk Around Barcelona 1992 with Lucinda Green

Here’s a cool throwback treat for us on this fine Tuesday! Lucinda Green was on site at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona — one of those hot, Spanish weekends where the heat was intense and the sun was unforgiving — to take a candid walk around the cross country track.

This was a significant Olympics on the world stage, too. A reunified Germany, aided by the falling of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and a post-apartheid South Africa were a part of the mix for these games. This Olympic cycle also served as a catalyst for increased sport-specific research, after it became apparent that more information was needed as to the demands the sport placed on the horses when many horses presented with exhaustion, heat-related illness, and ongoing symptoms after the Games concluded.

Have a listen — and marvel at the size and stature of the jumps we are not too far removed from in 2023! — and if you can’t see the embedded Instagram posts above, you can view them on Lucinda’s XC Academy page here or on YouTube here.

Enjoy a few action snippets:

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