Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: Get a Look at Cruising’s Clones

The news broke earlier this year that the famous Irish stallion, Cruising, had been successfully cloned. We’re now able to get a more in-depth look at the two young stallions, who have been made available for breeding this year.

Mary McCann spoke candidly about her decision to clone her stallion and how the process worked. The plan, of course, was to have one successful clone, but she found herself in the fortunate situation of having two healthy clones.

“They both have different characteristics of Cruising,” she said. “I hope to God they don’t buck as many people off as he did … they definitely have a lot of similarities.”

Mary recalled the process of keeping the secret of the two clones, Cruising Arish and Cruising Encore, and how she found it easier than she’d expected to keep the news of the clones hidden.

It’s fascinating to hear Mary talk about the young stallions, who won’t start jumping until they’re “properly three” later this year but will be selectively bred to quality mares.

Be sure to check out this fascinating video of Mary’s interview about her two clones — definitely exciting times for the Irish Sport Horse!

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