Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: Lessons in Perseverence at Galway Downs

We received this adorable and inspirational video from Beth Obermeyer, whose daughter Anneke and her horse Wodie rode in the Junior Training division at Galway Downs this past weekend.

Beth provided some background information for this video:

Anneke, 14 years old, moved up to Training three weeks ago at Las Cruces Horse Trials. She was doing fabulously until Wodie, a 9-year-old Appendix gelding and her partner for over two years, dead stopped at a jump into the water.

Anneke fell off — her first fall off of Wodie. She landed square on concrete and a log, and has had a lot of lower back pain. We weren’t sure she would even make it to her first time at Galway … but she decided she was coming!

Her dressage test at Galway was less than great because Wodie was fascinated by the horses exercising on the track.

Then their stadium round was kind of a mess when Wodie stopped at a random jump … and knocked two rails. Anneke was feeling very defeated and like a fish out of water with all of the amazing horses and riders around her. She was fighting intense fear about falling off on cross country again and wondering if moving up to Training had been a mistake.

She spent most of her day off on Saturday struggling with whether she wanted to ride on Sunday. But standing on the sidelines and watching the strength of the top level riders and horses inspired her. She decided to do her best on Sunday, taking her time and not worrying about time faults. She just wanted to prove to herself and Wodie that they could complete a Training round. They did it.

Her smile at the finish line (and over the last two jumps) has never been so big. She has learned a valuable lesson in perseverance, believing in her horse and finishing the race — even if it means last place!

Many thanks to Beth and Anneke for sharing their story, and congratulationst to Anneke on her first Training level completion!

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