Tuesday Video from SpectraVet: Mongolian Insanity in The Middle

The Mongol Derby is the longest and roughest horse race on the planet. Riders traipse across the Mongolian steppe attending 25 checkpoints aboard semi-feral ponies—Genghis Khan style. Our own editor Leslie Wylie took on the Mongol Derby last year and lived to tell the tale (Don’t miss her series, Wylie v. The Mongol Derby here!).

This year 16 North Americans are contesting the race, including Practical Horseman editor Jocelyn Pierce and eventer Nicolette Merle-Smith in tandem with her fiancé Joel Scholz. There is no understating the difficulty of the race or the unpredictability of the ponies, and this year’s contest is no different. I’d suggest you follow the action via the Derby’s live updates on Twitter and check out live tracking on the website here. Here’s what the riders have been up against:

Light blue touchpaper… stand back… boom!

Light blue touchpaper… stand back… boom!

Posted by Mongol Derby on Friday, August 10, 2018

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