Tuesday Video from SpectraVet: The Fast and the Furious, Eventer Edition

Photo courtesy of StockImageServices.com. Photo courtesy of StockImageServices.com.

Driving a sportscar isn’t as fun as galloping an event horse, but it’s got to be a close second. Riders and spectators alike had the opportunity to take one for a spin last week at the Jaguar Land Rover Bromont CCI.

Of course, when you put a bunch of competitive people like eventers together, everything has to turn into a contest — in this case, the Jaguar Land Rover Bromont CCI Canada vs. US Team Challenge. There were two challenges and two teams per challenge: Jaguar Team Canada (Jessica Phoenix and Diana Burnett) vs. Jaguar Team USA (Buck Davidson and Will Faudree) and Land Rover Team Canada (Kendyl Lehari and Karl Slezak) vs. Land Rover Team USA (Lynn Symansky and Lauren Kieffer).

Basically, the challenge rewarded the teams that drove the cars best in terms of accuracy and smoothness. The Jaguar/Land Rover drivers were the judges.

After a great deal of shaking, baking, turning and burning, Team Canada won both sections. Each of the riders received a certificate for a Land Rover Driving Experience at an Official Land Rover Driving Experience School in North America.

Some highlights from the Challenge and Jaguar Land Rover’s sponsorship of the event:


Many thanks to PRO for sharing and to Jaguar Land Rover for their support of our sport. Go Eventing!

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