Wednesday News & Notes from MDBarnmaster

Jimmie Schramm's mother, Peggy Holotik, sure knows how to rock an ear bonnet at Bromont! Photo submitted by Jimmie Schramm. Jimmie Schramm's mother, Peggy Holotik, sure knows how to rock an ear bonnet at Bromont! Photo submitted by Jimmie Schramm.

Good morning! It’s officially summertime here in the Midwest, complete with double tornadoes and humidity indexes higher than a full sauna. I know I complained endlessly about the cold winter, but now I must transition into complaining endlessly about the heat, so bear with me. All complaining aside though, at least it gets me out of a bed a bit earlier to make it to the barn before I drown in my own sweat. Plus, I came home tonight around 9:30 and it was still light out, so that’s a huge plus.

In much more exciting news, the horses and riders selected on the 2014 WEG team are due to be announced any day now. We’ve got the chinchillas watching the USEF website like, well, chinchillas, so keep it locked here for the news as soon as it breaks.

Weekend Preview:

Fox River Valley PC HT & CCI* [Website]

Shepherd Ranch SYVPC Horse Trials [Website]

Surefire HT – Accepting late entries through TODAY [Website] [Entry Status]

Encore HT [Website] [Ride Times]

Midsouth Pony Club HT [Website] [Entry Status]

Golden Spike HT [Website] [Ride Times]

Lost Hounds HT [Website] [Entry Status]

Great Vista HT [Website]

Wednesday News:

This year, the USEF added a new medication rule that will officially go into effect on July 1. The medications affected by this rule are Dexamethasone (Azium®), Ketoprofen (Ketofen®), and Methocarbamol (Robaxin®). The first part of the year was spent educating members about the proper administration of these medications, and beginning July 1 the normal regulation process will be applied to positive tests for excessive amounts of these medications. [USEF Rule Change]

Want to know even more about Luhmühlen CCI4* winner Tim Price? Lucky for you, Horse and Hound has seven new tidbits of information. Let’s just say that this guy is about due for his time at the top. [Tim Price from H&H]

What are the chances of success of colic surgery? Colic is one of the most frightening things that can befall our beloved equines, and surgery is often the only solution to a severe case. Norwiegen researchers have been studying the outcome of colic surgeries for the past seven years and have begun to release their findings on success rates. [Success Rates for Colic Surgery]

Several police horses were honored for their bravery during riots in London. In 2011, these brave horses withstood unruly crowds, burning cars and buildings, and who knows what else to help their riders bring peace back to the area. The horses received awards during a ceremony this week. [Police Horses Awarded]

Wednesday Video:

Rebecca Farm is coming up sooner than you think! Check out this awesome trailer for this great event.

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