Tuesday Video from SpectraVET: Training with Dutch Eventer Alice Naber-Lozeman

We eventers jump all manner of obstacles — water, ditches, table, brush — so we surely should be able to clear a little language barrier!

This subtitled video goes into the schooling ring with Dutch eventer Alice Naber-Lozeman, who represented the Netherlands in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Her Olympic mount, ACSI Peter Parker, is featured in the video.

It’s always fascinating to hear what’s going through a top rider’s head as they train, and surprising to be reminded that when it comes to horses we are all trying to speak the same language.

Thanks to Dutch equestrian vlogger Feline de Jonge for sharing! She also posted a tour of Alice’s barn here. You can follow Feline’s YouTube channel here, and learn more about Alice’s Eventing School at her Facebook Page.

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