Tuesday Video: Gentle Reminder(s) to Keep Your Dog on a Leash

Since Tilly posted this 25-year throwback video of British Pony Club Championships in News & Notes this morning, I’ve been going down the rabbit hole of Total Recall Video’s YouTube channel. It’s equal parts thrill and spill (perhaps, OK, definitely erring on the side of “spill”) with such classic eventing subgenres as “riders sometimes fall and disappear,” “can a horse jump over a car?,” “face plant from on high!,” “horse leaves course with rider over 7 bar gate,” “horsefall headspring,” “big muddy crash splash!!!,” “is this the world’s best dismount?,” “is this cross country fence even possible?,” “horse and rider jump at camera man,” “there’s nothing worse than falling in the water!,”  “horses and riders getting wet!,” “horse bolts 3!” and … you get the picture.

It’s not great etiquette to have your dog chase someone the entire way around a cross country course. Which happens in not one but two of this cameraman’s videos, and I think it might actually be the same dog?

Please keep those pups on a string, folks. Go Eventing.