Tuesday Video: Go Breezing with Bobbie Jones

We’ve shared many a Bobbie Jones helmet cam here on EN in the past, and now Bobbie, who is based in Kentucky, has shared with us some rider’s eye views from her side gig galloping racehorses.

“I started (galloping) in November of 2019,” Bobbie told EN. “Galloping racehorses was something always wanted to do ever since I saw The Black Stallion when I was three, so when a good friend of mine offered me the opportunity I jumped on it!”

Bobbie, who also works as a vet tech in addition to eventing, says she tries to get out on the track as often as she can. “It’s a lot harder than I originally thought,” she said. “I figured since I can do 30-40 minute trot sets and gallop cross country courses that it would be a breeze…I was greatly mistaken! Galloping racers make you use muscles you didn’t know you had!”

Despite the challenges, Bobbie says galloping has made her physically stronger and given her a better understanding of off-track Thoroughbreds. A regular face in Thoroughbred Incentive Program competitions, Bobbie says this experience will only help her in her retraining process. “I wish more people would come to the backside of tracks and see what goes on behind the scenes,” she said. “These horses are so well loved by their owners, trainers, grooms and riders.”

Take a spin with Bobbie and hang on! Thanks for sharing!