Tuesday Video: Pass By Peer Pressure with Pippa Funnell

Last week, equestrian charity World Horse Welfare held its annual conference, which was jam-packed with talks and seminars on some of the industry’s hottest topics. Fortunately for anyone who couldn’t be there, they’ve also been putting out some fantastic web-based content — including this panel discussion on how to deal with the pressure you might feel from those around you to make certain decisions in your riding. At the forefront of the discussion is Pippa Funnell who, as the first rider to openly use sports psychology in her career, has always been something of an industry leader when it comes to the tough mental challenges involved with equestrian sport. She’s joined by WHW’s Jordan Headspeath and lawyer and rider Gill Keegan for a super chat that’ll help you clear your head, set your own goals, and shrug off uninvited input. Pour yourself a glass of wine and treat yourself to a game-changing watch.