Tuesday Videos from Horseware: More Stretches Designed to Help Riders

I dare you to bend over and try to touch your toes right now. Hurts a little, doesn’t it? As riders, our legs and core (ok, our whole bodies, really) are heavily tasked to keep us not only in the saddle but working hard to achieve something that looks like harmony. Tight, painful muscles do nothing to help accomplish these goals, so implementing a stretching routine of some sort will absolutely do you a world of good as a supplement.

We introduced you to the new fitness-focused video series published by Horseware last week, and now we’re bringing you two new stretches to work into your routine. First up, hamstrings:

What about your core? A strong core is an essential for any rider, and it’s something that we can all spend a little more time focusing on. As a lifelong poor posture participant, I’ve tried to integrate more of this yoga and pilates type of strengthening and I found this core-strengthening video to be particularly useful:

Happy stretching!