Tuesday Videos from Horseware: Try These Stretching Exercises to Help Your Riding

Let’s be honest here for a moment: when is the last time you stretched? Don’t worry – it’s been a minute for me, too. It’s certainly not a habit I made when I spent every day in the saddle, and I think my body truly felt the effects of this over the year.

The reality is that riding is tough on our bodies! It’s important to take some time to properly care for our own bodies as well as those of our horses. Horseware seems to have the same idea, as they’ve just introduced a handful of exercise and stretching videos to their YouTube channel. With many countries still experiencing stay-at-home orders in some capacity, these exercises are friendly to staying at home and don’t require any equipment other than a chair and a wall.

In these videos, pilates instructor Caoimhe O’Dwyer walks us through some chair stretches as well as some full-body stretches that can be done anywhere, anytime, for just a few minutes. Try working these into your daily routine this week and see if it translates into your riding – we bet it will!

Looking for more exercise ideas from Horseware? Check back next week, and don’t forget to enter our giveaway of a copy of Yoga for Riders!